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CrossGen Founders matches entrepreneurs from different generations, giving them the guidance, tools, process, network and technology platform to explore partnerships, find common ground and leverage complementary strengths that can propel a new business toward success or prepare an existing business for succession.

By connecting younger entrepreneurs with those who are over 50, CrossGen allows a business and its founders to access many of the ingredients for success; broader skill sets, diverse perspectives and an extensive warehouse of lived experiences.

CrossGen members have open access to a growing database of potential co-founders, hands-on mentors, workshops, prototyping facilities, funding sources and an extensive knowledge library.

A Diverse Entrepreneurial Community

CrossGen Founders is a welcoming, business-minded community, created to help entrepreneurs from different life stages connect, collaborate and combine skills to create market-ready businesses.

A Powerful Co-Founder Matching Platform

CrossGen Founders data-driven technology expedites searching for compatible co-founders through the use of algorithms that match interests, complementary skills and knowledge.

People With A Passion For Helping Business People

Our team is led by a well-known champion of age 50+ entrepreneurs and supported by strategic advisors who help bring together a network of experts, services and resources to support cross-generational business founders.

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CrossGen Founders is of interest to me. I run my company myself and contract out to a number of different people for various things. But in terms of the direct management of the company, there’s just me. My biggest concern is business continuity – this means keeping the business running under all circumstances and in particular, the concern areas boil down to:

  1. Something happens to me whereby I am unable to perform my business tasks but only in this situation for a limited time (say a few weeks to possibly a month or two).
  2. Something happens to me whereby I cannot perform my business tasks at all on an on-going basis.

Those scenarios create issues for my customers and the ‘stress’ that it would cause them varies depending on what I am doing for the particular customer. Of course, I have mitigation plans but I think that it would be helpful if there were ‘redundancy’ in the business i.e. someone who could take over everything I do without any hiccup whatsoever. Another advantage of having a partner is that I think we could grow this business a lot faster. My biggest constraint is time!  I can outsource but that only goes so far.

I look forward to finding a suitable co-founder on CrossGen Founders, when it launches in 2022.

Glenn Lidstone
StoneHouseMarketing Solutions Inc.