2019 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Del Mason – Essential Lights Polychromatic Light Therapy


Prior to December, 2016, I enjoyed several careers – office administration, operations management and finally, a long career in sales. 

 After retiring at the age of 61, I became seriously interested in Red Light Therapy. I decided to study to become a Certified Light Technician but only for the shear joy of learning something new and keeping my pets and family healthy and pain free.  

As I began to discover all the benefits of Light Therapy, I felt this was something that needed to be shared, and Essential Lights was born.

With an opioid crisis and an aging demographic that is suffering for aches and pains, wellness management without the use of drugs, is critical. Essential Lights offers sessions for People, Pets & Ponies for a wide variety of issues. Along with office sessions, house calls and barn calls, I offer Workshops on putting Targeted Red Light Therapy into your own hands.

Because my first experience with Red Light Therapy was pain management for our 19-year-old cat, Otis, we give back by volunteering at pet adoption events. By applying light therapy, we relax the prospective adoptees so they can put their best paw forward and let their true personality “shine” so they may find their furever home.