2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Duke Redbird – Turtlehawk Solutions


Duke Redbird Consulting began as a sole proprietorship business in 1980 after he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Political Science & Environmental Studies from York University in 1978. In 2013 he incorporated Turtlehawk Solutions, a company dedicated to offering a retribalized cybernetic technological Indigenous lens to 21st century business developments.

Duke Redbird started Tutlehawk Solutions at the age of 54. With the ever increasing demand for IT products and services in Canada,Turtlehawk was created to compete in a growing market that requires scale, experience, service quality and innovation.

Turtlehawk Solutions, headquartered in Madawaska, Ontario, is an Aboriginal-owned IT integrator focused on delivering leading-edge solutions to the Canadian federal government and First Nation corporations.

Turtlehawk is headed by renowned Canadian Duke Redbird. Duke infuses and operates Turtlehawk’s business with a keen awareness of First Nation values and the unique approach needed to work with aboriginal communities across Canada.

Of great significance was founder Dr. Duke Redbird’s early recognition of the growing importance of bringing an Indigenous lens to this important field of business and technology.