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Holly Myers - AquaCleanse Colonic Hydrotherapy Inc. - WISE

2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

AquaCleanse Colonic Hydrotherapy Inc.

Have you ever wondered what life could be like with better health? Holly’s mission is to meet people where they are on their health journey and help them build a path to where they want to go – a life of physical and emotional wellbeing. Her passion is to serve, treat, educate, and help people live life with energy and vitality.

I incorporated AquaCleanse Colonic Hydrotherapy Inc. known as AquaCleanse Colonics October 2015 during the planning and initiation stages of the business development phase at 53 years old.I started the business because I want to inspire people to be aware of their health and wellbeing; (Health is our greatest wealth)…discovering that feeling good & enthusiastically vibrant is a worthy goal to point yourself, your life towards.

Holly first learned about colon hydrotherapy almost twenty years ago, when someone close experienced a health crisis. Seeing how effective it was, in combination with both naturopathic treatment and conventional medicine, she became a Certified Colon Therapist through the Canadian Natural Health & Healing Clinic in Toronto in 2009 and continued on to become an internationally Certifiec Colon Therapist with I-ACT in 2017.

AquaCleanse incorporated in late fall 2015 and saw its first customer in its Upper Tantallon clinic February of 2016. Recently, AquaCleanse has expanded to meet demand by opening a second location, June 2017, in Bedford NS. This second location provides an accessible clinic room and highlights the LIBBE system of Colon Hydrotherapy.

Health begins in the colon. Colonics are a healing, soothing, and painless procedure providing relief from discomfort and pain, improving gut functionality, and promoting good health. An option for people recovering from eating disorders, alcohol and drug dependency, patients with Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS, constipation, and those with dietary issues. Colon hydrotherapy can also be an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma.