2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Lisa Hallsworth – Rillea Technologies Inc.


After managing chemical hazards with large companies like DuPont, for 25 years, I experienced over and over how challenging it is to sort through regulations and information to safely handle chemicals. In November 2015, I put my engineering sole proprietorship on hold and focused the following 7 months on exploring the market place needs and learning more about how to develop software. I partnered with my husband (Rob Hallsworth), also a chemical engineer and an executive who has worked for both large and small manufacturers and in May 2016, we incorporated Rillea Technologies.

I started Rillea Technologies Inc. at age 51 with my husband Rob Hallsworth. We could see that occupational disease was increasing with increased use of chemicals. Occupational disease is preventable with knowledge and we saw an opportunity to combine our experience with software engineering to make that knowledge accessible.

Rillea Technologies’ SDS RiskAssist™ web application extracts knowledge from chemical documents to help organizations responsibly unleash the benefits of chemicals for confident, effective chemical utilization while maintaining good occupational/environmental health and safety.

As a consulting engineer in the province of Ontario, with a certificate of authorization to conduct engineering for the public, I have an ethical and moral obligation to do my best to ensure public safety.