2018 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Mary Beth Currie – Ralston Williams


I was an employment lawyer practising on Bay Street in Toronto for almost 30 years. In the spring of 2010 I suffered a rotator cuff injury at the gym. I could not move my arm above my waist which meant I could not zip up any back zippers on my clothes. About the same time, my mother’s arthritis in her hands was worsening so that she also could not fasten any back zippers or buttons of any type. This got me thinking – why is it that shapely clothes seem always to zip up the back? Can sophisticated clothes not be created with front closures that will still provide a fitted, shapely silhouette but which are easy to get on or take off? I was confident the answer had to be yes.

Inspired by my rotator cuff injury and my mother’s struggle with arthritis, I decided to leave law in 2013 when I was 55 and returned to school to study fashion design. When school was over, in the late fall of 2015 I created Ralston Williams to provide an innovative and ingeniously easy to wear line of clothing that combines fashionable practicality with beautifully feminine styling using luxurious fabrics. It is smart style designed for women to take back control when and how they dress.

My clothes offer women who have restricted hand mobility style and independence in dressing. For those who do not have hand mobility issues, the clothes combine style and fit and functionality.

My vision is to create shapely garments for ALL women (including those with hand mobility restrictions) that wear as beautifully as the designs look – from the European fabric and flow to how the clothing fastens and unclasps. Designed with the active mature woman in mind, Ralston Williams is truly effortless style in every sense.

Proudly designed and made in Canada.