2019 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Michel Dupas – Moon Gate Artisan Bakery 



I have been a carpenter by trade for a great number of years.

I was 58 when I started Moon Gate Artisan Bakery. I always had a dream of being a chef and creating the ultimate cinnamon bun, among other foods. Not a mason by trade, I set out to research and build a wood fired oven and so Moon Gate Artisan Bakery was born.

Feeling a need to provide a darn good pizza hosting pizza nights on the weekends has given people the opportunity to enjoy pizza, sourdough, hamburger, hot dog buns and the ultimate cinnamon bun.

Filling a niche that didn’t exist for the community and cottagers, employment for other people has always been a goal for us here at Moon Gate. This has allowed 2 people to have employment so they can also reinvent themselves. The addition of the bakery is bringing more people to the area to be able to see the other things the area has to offer