2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Paul von Wittgenstein – Baby World Language Ltd.


Paul has been living and working in China since 1998. He spent his first 6 years on the frontlines of the Chinese education system to understand its strengths and weaknesses and to gain insight into the challenges young professionals faced when entering multinational organizations. Paul recognized that parents in China were spending much of their income on private English lessons for children that just were not getting desired results. So in 2011 he founded Baby World Language Ltd. (BWL). BWL is a very innovative learning company that is dedicated to helping non-native English speaking parents teach English to their pre-kindergarten children during the critical period for language development (0-3 years).

I started Baby World Language at 52 years old. Shortly after I brought in some good friends who were former clients in another company of mine. I started the business because of the benefits of helping parents teach language to infants (0-3 years old) last a lifetime.

Baby World Language Ltd.™, a new, disruptive technology SaaS business start-up in early childhood English language development for the Pre-Kindergarten market – kids aged 0 to 3 years. The company produces and sells very innovative language learning systems that include prenatal sound delivery (learning in the womb) – primarily through gamified e-learning with live, online video coaching options in a global social media community. Our initial market is China, but we also see great potential in Indigenous language preservation and revitalization.

We are at a pre-sales /pre-commercialization stage. Everything we have done is with money from friends and family. No professional investment in yet. We are the first in the world with a pre-natal language learning device (the BWL Belly Band) and have successfully tested our program over the last 3 years over several continents and languages. We will be seeking professional investment soon.