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Paul Tremlett - Driverseat - WISE

2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Paul Tremlett – Driverseat

For the last 30+ years I have been a management consultant advising senior executive clients on more effective and successful ways to execute on their strategic and operational business plans. With our only child, a daughter, off to university and away from home, my life partner and I started to evaluate what we wanted to do with our lives going forward. After searching various options over a six month period, and getting clear on criteria we would use to make a selection, we decided on Driverseat.

I started Driverseat Kingston/Belleville at 74 years of age. My wife, also over 50, is my partner. We started the business because neither of us were ready to retire and we wanted to undertake something that had a social mission, in our case, to eliminate impaired driving.

Driverseat is North America’s leading provider of personal transportation services specializing in driving your vehicle for you, getting you wherever you need to go, for any occasion, safely and affordably.

Driverseat is a socially responsible Canadian franchise started in 2012 serving over 200 communities. Our two locations are recent additions to a growing number in Canada (with entry soon into the USA market). A major mission we have is the ultimate elimination of impaired driving in our two communities. In addition, by offering our assisted transport services, we aim to increase capacity in peoples’ lives related to their mobility options.

Driverseat provides 4 unique services: Designated Driving, Assisted Transport, Airport Chauffeur and Vehicle Chauffeur.