2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Rick Emberley – Boomersplus


I started this business to harness a huge and emerging economic, social and cultural asset in our society: The 50+ cohort that is exiting their traditional careers but remain very interested in contributing to their communities. Our team is working on solving one of Canada’s most pressing issues – how to best serve the rapidly growing baby boomer population by matching boomers, recent retirees and seasoned professionals with employers looking to tap into this massive hidden talent pool.

I started Boomersplus.com at 65 years old. I started the company because after I sold my business, I did not want to slide into a quiet retirement. I could not find a company that wanted to serve the growing population of recent retirees and baby boomers the way I knew I could, so I began what is now called Boomersplus.com.

BoomersPlus.com creates an efficient and effective platform to connect this powerful asset to businesses, Not-for-Profits and community organizations. It is a portal that can harness a talent pool that can fill a rapidly growing gap of experience and expertise in the workforce.

Our community involvement runs deep, from presenting at and co-hosting events, to providing our members with volunteer and community building opportunities. As a result of our commitment to providing value to our members, we’re seeing substantial revenue growth and are on pace to double our revenue.