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Robert Elliott - Precision Calibration & Equipment - WISE

2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Robert Elliott – Precision Calibration & Equipment

Robert came from a successful family business that was over 50 years old servicing all facets of the agricultural sector. After the business was sold in 2000, Robert had accumulated considerable knowledge on the mechanical side of agricultural equipment as well as all areas related to running an agricultural operation. In his spare time, Robert is an Amateur Radio Operator which allowed him to gain knowledge in electronic circuits and RF Technology. Being able to couple these two unique areas, Robert identified a need in the market for sales and service of electronic equipment used by the agricultural industry.

Precision Calibration & Equipment was incorporated on September 25, 2006 as 2114251 Ontario Limited. At that time I was unemployed and 53 years old. There was a need in the agriculture sector for a quality repair and calibration service. My electronic hobby as an amateur radio operator and my experience in agriculture allowed me to build a business that I would call my dream job.

Robert felt that utilizing his great knowledge and starting his own company again would be a logical choice. Knowing that starting a new venture over the age of 50 is always a daunting task, Robert took the leap of faith and started his new company.

The most remarkable part of this story is that Robert was able to start his new company without borrowing any money or accessing any government grants. He went over a year without paying himself, relying on the income of his working wife to cover their expenses. Robert started building a successful client base and was quickly recognized for his quality and attention to detail. Precision Calibration & Equipment is growing and Robert has built a successful enterprise based on quality, value, and excellent customer service.