2019 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Ross Armstrong –  Solar Wind Reliance Initiatives Ltd.


I graduated from Engineering at Queen’s University in 1982 and completed an MBA several years later. During my career, I have worked in a variety of innovative roles in product design, engineering, manufacturing, account sales and management. I worked for many notable companies including Bendix Electronics, ITT Automotive, ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Magna Automotive, Rockwell Automation and ABB Canada. I have been listed as “inventor” on 4 patents in the areas of thermal heat transfer and cooling technologies for my employers. These patents were listed in both Canada and the US.

About 7 years ago I became very interested in the study of renewable energy technologies and began to design a technology solution which would combine the harvesting of both wind and solar energy within one integrated solution. Some very significant innovative concepts began to arise from this initiative, and at the age of 54, I founded Solar Wind Reliance Initiatives (SWRI) Ltd. My intent was to patent these innovative concepts and to lay the ground work for commercialization of the technology.

One of the most humbling realizations of this initiative has been that this invention is the culmination of my life’s work within engineering..

 One of the most humbling realizations of this initiative has been that this invention is the culmination of my life’s work within engineering. Many of the specialized areas of expertise that I have gained special insight into have resulted in being integrated into this device. We have patented this device in Canada, US and Europe, and our 5000 lb. proof of concept unit is near completion.

I am thrilled about the possibilities of our renewable technology in providing solutions around the world! There are 900 million people worldwide lacking electricity that could be affected by this technology. In Canada alone, over 270 remote communities lack affordable electricity and are dependent upon diesel as a solution. Our solution offers higher levels of energy generation per unit of area, a significantly higher capacity factor and, through the incorporation of wind and solar, offers an electricity generation supply profile that more closely matches demand needs. All of these factors notably lessen the need for expensive battery storage.

I am excited about the progress toward a world of accessible energy for all and the role that Solar Wind Reliance Initiatives will play in making this a reality.