50+ Startup Community

I’m extremely pleased to have been asked to be the Community Leader for the 50+ Startup Community. I graciously accepted and look forward to working with Startup Canada to advance services and support for anyone looking to start a business after the age of 50 as well as entrepreneurs who have already started their business.

Since joining Startup Canada as a Community Leader, I’ve been invited to attend sessions with both Federal and Provincial leaders to express my concerns regarding the lack of recognition and support for entrepreneurs over the age of 50.

Past and upcoming events with Startup Canada are available by going to the events page under the Startup Community tab.

If you have suggestions or comments on older entrepreneurship, please contact me via email (wendy@launchitright.com) to let me know and I can bring it forward to both Startup Canada and Government leaders.

Press release on the 50+ Community from Startup Canada

We’re pleased to announce a new addition to Startup Communities: Startup 50+! Driven by WISE – Seniors in Business, Startup 50+ assists and guide potential entrepreneurs over the age of 50 on pursuing entrepreneurship. Additionally, Startup 50+ advocates for Canadian entrepreneurs over the age of 50 to receive the same support and financing options that are available to other groups of entrepreneurs. Alongside these objectives, this new Startup Community strives to develop an intergenerational matching program that brings together different age groups to create a business.

A word from our new Community Leader

“COVID has impacted everyone in some way shape or form. For people over the age of 50 the impact has been devastating,” says Wendy Mayhew, President at WISE – Seniors in Business and Community Leader at Startup 50+. “In January 2021, more than 600,000 people over the age of 50 were unemployed. These were people that were actively looking for work as they weren’t ready to retire or couldn’t afford to.” Although there are many that can’t wait to retire so they could start a business, most have never thought of being a business owner and are looking at it as their only option. What these two groups have in common is that they don’t know what is involved when you start a business.