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Definitive Guide
to Starting a Business
After the Age of 50

Opportunities for Business

Everyone at some point in their life has thought of starting their own business. It could be a new idea for a product or service or something entirely different. Now that they are closing in on leaving their career behind it could be the time to explore and understand what is involved in starting a business and if it feels like the right thing to do.

WISER offers support in areas new entrepreneurs may be unfamiliar with. For example, engaging with an investment advisor, bank, and legal and accounting companies.  WISER: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50 gives advice and confidence in navigating all of these areas and much more.

When they do decide that entrepreneurship is for them, they are going to need to engage with financial institutions and legal and accounting firms. If you are one of these organizations, can you imagine how a new business owner will feel about you if they were given a book to help them with their business start up? A gift that will show them that you are part of a team helping them with their success. To make it more memorable add your branding to the cover.
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Outplacement Support

Downsizing can be a difficult time for you and your employees. Those who are made redundant can feel cut adrift as you restructure your business and prepare to move on without them.

As part of your transition program for employees, why not consider buying a bulk order of WISER: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50?

Particularly for employees taking voluntary redundancy, this gift is an essential guide to starting them on the road to becoming self-employed.

You may be parting ways, but you can help your departing employees over the age of 50 to join the fastest growing group of new entrepreneurs in the world. Whether they’ve thought of starting a business or not, gifting them WISER: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50 will give them the knowledge they need to make the decision about going out on their own in a new venture.

Shout Out icon testimonial

For people who may have spent a lifetime in a Corporate career and are venturing out for the first time after 50, this is a great guide. Wendy Mayhew covers all the essentials in a very clear and precise manner. “Wiser” is one of those books that you can refer to time and time again for suggestions on strategy, structure, marketing and sales. In other words the whole launch process. Well done, “Wiser” is a great entrepreneurial primer.

Elaine Slatter

Founder, XL Consulting Group

The Ideal Retirement Gift

Traditionally, retirement meant the end of a person’s productive working life. Companies used to mark it by gifting retirees with a gold watch, honouring the time the employee spent with the company and marking the passage of time.

However, if you are the owner or HR manager of a progressive business, you know that, nowadays, retiring employees often leave the company ready for change and hungry to start a new and productive chapter of their lives.

More and more people prepare for retirement by considering starting a new venture. Some people can’t wait to retire so that they can start the business that they’ve dreamed about founding. Others look forward to hitting the golf links or spending more time with their families, but soon miss the structure of working life so much that they find they need something creative to do.

Now, you can present your retiring employees with a valuable gift which will help boost them into the world of entrepreneurship; give them a copy of WISER: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50.

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This book is a valuable new resource. It provides tips to bring discipline to business ideation, allowing older entrepreneurs to tap on their greatest advantages: their industry and/or managerial experience, a lifetime of building networks of contacts, and often, their greater financially security compared to younger entrepreneurs.

Jonathan Ortmans

President, The Global Entrepreneurship Network

Small Business Organizations

Small business organizations do invaluable work supporting and guiding innovative new business owners.

However, older entrepreneurs—despite being the fastest growing group of new entrepreneurs in the world—face a unique set of challenges which are often overlooked in the available literature on entrepreneurship.

If you run a small business organization and your clientele includes people over the age of 50, WISER: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50 is the perfect book to help guide these clients through their first startup.

Perhaps you are putting a program together or already have one for older entrepreneurs. With twelve information-packed chapters that cover everything from starting a business, finance, customers, operations, exit plans, and alternative business structures, WISER: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50 is a perfect textbook or accompanying text.

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“Having designed and facilitated programming to assist entrepreneurs from all age groups, but particularly those first-time entrepreneurs over the age of 50, I have experienced their anxiety over jumping into entrepreneurship. The hesitancy to leap into something that they really want to do usually stems from a fear of the number of considerations and decisions that a new entrepreneur must face. WISER, The Definitive Guide To Starting a Business After The Age of 50, goes a long way to demystifying starting a business with practical advice supported by wonderful audio clips from those that have been there.

The book and the accompanying website take you on the complete entrepreneurial journey from idea to exit. Wendy’s writing style makes the material very accessible and dispenses with the abstract. I have been so impressed with this text that we will be using it as a supplemental text in our senior entrepreneurship program.

It is a fantastic resource for any new entrepreneur!”

Craig MacMullen

President & CEO, Centre for Entrepreneurship, Education and Development

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