Definitive Guide
to Starting a Business
After the Age of 50

WISER … Absolutely spot on!

Starting a business is much harder than people initially assume and you need to give yourself the greatest chance for success. Many people are subject matter experts in their own field but that doesn’t mean they know how to start a business.

This book breaks down all the aspects you need to consider in an easy format. From what problem you are trying to solve and how you going to measure the results of your activities through to your cost structure and how are you going to generate revenue.

Access to the website with interviews from diverse business leaders discussing the different topics covered in the book makes it more engaging.

This book is a must for anyone considering establishing a new business.

Bambi Price

Co-Founder, War on Wasted Talent

Congrats Wendy on a brilliant, practical guide for anyone of any age to start a business. The way in which the book is set out with links to podcasts and places to capture ones’ thoughts while reading is also useful.

I like the ways in which you have added practical tips across all the social media channels, plus other tools in the book to help new business owners. A book in season for anyone wanting to start a business in 2020

Lynda Smith

CEO, Refirement Network and 50plus Skills

WISER’s smart, thoughtful and methodical approach to entrepreneurship hits on all cylinders. Someone who is considering venturing into entrepreneurship must read this book. This is a book that they will definitely read more than once, as it will act as a playbook for their business.

The ideas in this book will stretch your thinking. Even if they don’t completely fit within your world, the systemic approach here will get you to relook at how you run or plan to run, your business. This is an amazing book – interesting and practical with great ideas for everyone. I highly recommend this book.

Well done Wendy and thank for your work. I am certain that it will help a lot of people, to find their purpose in their life after 50.

Rafiq Punjani

Host, All Things Seniors - A Podcast For Caregivers

In WISER, Wendy Mayhew has created a unique learning resource that can help older people considering entrepreneurship make the right decisions before they start and once they have started. The book is based on interviews with business owners who are known experts in their field. Each chapter covers the essentials of a subject along with practical advice, but a deeper explanation can be found by listening to the audio recordings of the interviews. The recordings are well worth listening to – interesting, engaging and packed with useful information.

I believe Wiser meets a real need amongst the over 50s because so many rule out the possibility of entrepreneurship, believing they’re too old and not really understanding what it involves. If you are over 50 and thinking about starting or have already started a business, I recommend you read this book. It not only de-mystifies entrepreneurship, it also gives you a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful.

Viv Poole

Founder , Silver Startups

WISER comes along at an important juncture in the changing nature of labour force participation. With an increasing number adults 55+ wanting to launch their own businesses (out of a need or want to continue working, a desire to try something new, wanting to give back or other), the need for resources to support them in their goals is important. Yet, most resources, including government programs, for supporting entrepreneurs target young entrepreneurs.

The good news is that, with WISER, that support is now available to aspiring older entrepreneurs. I think Mayhew has touched on all the key points for adults 50+ to consider when thinking about starting a business. Her guide is user-friendly, practical and I especially liked the inclusion of a section on exiting the business. Considering succession planning and ownership options is important for any business but I think is even more important for older adults.

Everything someone 50+ needs to take into account is in the pages of this guide and is greatly enhanced by the opportunity to access Mayhew’s interviews with the global experts who contributed to the guide.

Although the guide focuses on starting a business after age 50, I think the resources are relevant to pretty much anyone wanting to start a business and would encourage people of any age who want to start their own business to add this guide to their pool of resources.

Mayhew has identified a gap in the market and successfully addressed it with WISER

Pat Spadafora

Founder, Kaleidoscope Consulting

This is the most practical book I’ve read on 50+ startups

Don’t let the concept of startup exists among young people, this book practically explains step by step how senior (semi) retirees can enjoy the fun of starting up a business. This book explores opportunity, network resources for senior people following their dream or curiosity of being a small business owner, in a simple way!

Sukanlaya Sawang

Professor, The International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship, Coventry University