Thrive and Survive as a New Entrepreneur at any Age!

If you are considering translating your knowledge as an older adult into a new business as an entrepreneur, look no further than this book. Wendy Mayhew has broken down the fundamentals of entrepreneurship into a simple, friendly and easy to digest format. Each chapter builds on one another and includes audio interviews with some of the best and brightest in the business world.

It is like getting an MBA coupled with a dose of reflection, encouragement and inspiration. Even if you have experience in business, this book serves as a solid review of the basics needed to succeed. Now, more than ever, many adults both want and need to work beyond the traditional “retirement years” and with many jobs and industries shutting down, this is a great resource to pivot and start anew.

Kari Henley

Community Without Borders

A Guide Book on Midlife Entrepreneurism

What a gift that Wendy has given us all: A guidebook on thriving as an entrepreneur in our best years! Relevant and factual, while also kind and inspiring. It’s time to celebrate and share all of the wisdom you have gained along the way, and Wendy’s book is the perfect companion.

Chip Conley

Modern Elder Economy

Like Having an Expert with you Every Step of the Way

Wendy Mayhew is doing a great service to all of us over 50 who are interested in exploring new territories, and in an opportune time for many to be looking at starting a new venture. WISER is a systematic guide applying step-by-step knowledge and encouragement to make an informed leap – one that seems much less overwhelming with this expert on your team, guiding and advising along the way.

Wendy clearly explains each step in the process of setting up your business, and even providing alternatives such as franchising, buying an existing business, or setting up an intergenerational business. The legal requirements are discussed in easy to follow, plain language, as is the approach to creating a business model. Each step ends with an audio interview with a relevant professional – a helpful and experiential addition.

For those who may be intimidated by the financial aspects (accounting, record keeping, etc.) or the technology (creating a website and gathering the analytics from it), her guidance is practical, straightforward, and uncomplicated. In particular, you’ll appreciate the direction around how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as social marketing tools, not just to share recipes and vacation photos.

I highly recommend WISER as a relevant and constructive guide and partner on the path to starting your own business. Well done and thank you to Wendy!

Kim Brewster

Customer Insight & Research Manager, McGraw Hill Education