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Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and we are looking forward to recognizing and celebrating you, the ones who have taken the leap into entrepreneurship as an encore career.

You may be a a technology company, a consultant, owner of a coffee shop or bakery, an inventor, social media expert, a dog walking company, web or app developer, artist, professional photographer, started a business with a millennial or bought an existing business …. the list is endless.

We promise to make as much noise as we can to honour you, business owners who want to share your accomplishments, be recognized and celebrated by your peers and colleagues, be an inspiration to others who are considering entrepreneurship as an encore career, and be envied by your competitors.

 Do you know someone who should be nominated, then all means we want to hear from you too.

Eligibility Criteria:

The awards are open to all Canadian resident entrepreneurs who have started a business after they turned 50 years old. Entrepreneurs must be majority owners of the business and the head office of the business must be located in Canada.




Please refer to the FAQ page for any questions you may have




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Thank you to our supporters who realize the importance of Entrepreneurship as an Encore Career and who are spreading the word about our inaugural 50 over 50 Awards.

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