How many years have you been commuting to work, 5 days a week, month after month? Now that you have retired and have been thinking of starting a business you should consider a home office.

On my early morning walks I watch the area come to life. It is a nice time of day to walk as it isn’t too busy. The one thing I do notice though is the rush of people parking their vehicles and rushing to the bus stop. Then there are the homeowners who live close enough to walk but don’t give themselves enough time to reach the bus without running. You’ve already had a shower but by the time you get on the bus you are ready for another one. Not sure if you have a shower at work or not! And, you go through it again to get home in the evening.

I decided many years ago that I would work from home for many reasons. I despise being rushed in the morning. I like to get up, go for my walk, come home, make a cup of tea and start the day by reading and responding to emails I’ve received overnight.

Another reason is I live outside of the city and the amount of time I would have to sit in traffic to get to my office and home again is a total waste of my time. The short walk to my home office allows me to get to work quickly and be very productive, without any added stress. And I can leave just as quickly.

Before making the decision to work from home you should make sure others living with you are okay with your decision and will respect your time while in your office.