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September 16, 1:00 – 2:30 pm EST

Join me and my guests in Episode 4 of the WISER series that will help you start and grow your business.

In this episode Moderator, Paul Tasner, and panellists, Kelly Hoey, Samantha Kelly and Claire Boscq will be discussing Building Relationships, through networking, Twitter and customer service.

Are you wondering what you are going to do once you retire? or you have been or feel you will be affected by a layoff and want to keep working but are worried you might not find work or haven’t been able to find any? If you’ve said yes, then I would like to give you the opportunity of exploring entrepreneurship after the age of 50 by joining the free WISER Series.

The bios of my guests for this episode are:

Paul Tasner

Paul Tasner


Paul Tasner, Co-founder and CEO of PulpWorks has more than 40 years of operations experience. He has held leadership positions in ventures ranging from start-up to Fortune 100. For the past decade, his focus has been on sustainability.

Paul’s corporate affiliations include The Clorox Company, Clif Bar, Method Products, and Hepagen Vaccines. He has authored numerous papers and presentations on supply chain sustainability and currently lectures on this subject in the MBA Programs at San Francisco State University and Golden Gate University as well as the Packaging Engineering Department at San Jose State University. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Boston University.

Eight years ago, Paul took a leap of faith. While his peers were contemplating retirement, he embraced the challenge of disrupting the traditional packaging industry. Appalled by the amount of plastic pollution on our planet and no longer content to accept the dangers of plastic packaging materials, he founded PulpWorks and set out to create safe, eco-friendly packaging for consumer products. PulpWorks uses paper and agricultural waste to mold compostable packaging and thereby diminish the waste deposited in our landfills, waterways and oceans. In 2016, PulpWorks was awarded a patent for their Karta-Pack™ – a compostable replacement for the toxic plastic blister pack.

PulpWorks and Paul have been the recipients of more than 20 awards and the subject of more than 75 stories in the media.

Paul was selected as a TED Resident in 2017. His TED Talk on sustainability, entrepreneurism and ageism has been seen by more than 2 million viewers and translated into 29 languages.

Kelly Hoey

Kelly Hoey

Building Relationships

Kelly Hoey is the author of Build Your Dream Network (January 2017 / Tarcher Perigee).

Kelly has been lauded from Forbes (“1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship”) to Fast Company (“1 of the 25 Smartest Women On Twitter”) to Business Insider (“1 of the 100 Most Influential Tech Women On Twitter”) and Inc. (“1 of the 10 Most Well-Connected People in New York City's Startup Scene”). EBW 2020 included her on their list of the “100 Most Influential Global Leaders Empowering Women Worldwide”. She has appeared on CNBC’s Power Pitch, contributes to publications such as GOBankingRates, and works with inclusive companies including Capital One.

Kelly’s career story is one transformation, and can only be explained by her creatively simple ways to tap into networks, then maintain those valuable connections. Her career started in Toronto as a banking attorney, eventually transitioning to the management side of an international law firm based in New York City. A chance opportunity in 2009 to work with a visionary leader of a global business network for women sparked her transition from earning a paycheck to seeking equity. Co-founding a startup accelerator then an interim CMO role with an emerging tech company is just part of her journey of reinvention as an author, writer, creator and investor. In addition to her portfolio of angel investments, she is a limited partner in two venture capital funds, collaborates frequently with the Canadian Digital Media Network and is an advisor to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly

Content Marketing

Samantha is a leading social media strategist, speaker and trainer. Samantha owns and operates Tweeting Goddess and the Women’s Inspire Network. With the support of her team, Samantha plans and delivers effective social media strategies to businesses and entrepreneurs, harnessing the power of social media and the online community.

She is passionate about teaching businesses how to leverage social media effectively and add real value to their business. She works with clients to progress brand growth, defining social media strategy with clear and precise targeting. Ultimately, increasing the correct audience reach for business.

She is a dynamic and engaging speaker and trainer and has been sought after to deliver training courses to many businesses including Hewlett Packard, HSE and Microsoft. She has spoken in New Zealand, USA and Hong Kong.

Samantha is the founder of Social Media Summit Ireland. This is an annual conference that brought together leading Social Media Professionals, both national and international, to highlight the importance of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy and demonstrating how it can add real value to your business in terms of revenue and business growth.

Samantha is also the founder of the Women’s Inspire Network, a support network that connects and empowers female-led businesses. It’s an online support network, which supports Women who work from home building their empires! Women’s Inspire Network now hosts bi-annual national conferences for female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses.

Claire Boscq

Claire Boscq

Building Relationships

Claire’s mission is to the Inspire Global businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experiences and creating a Caring Service Culture in their businesses.

Being listed in the Top 30 Global Customer Service Guru, she is a CX Speaker, CX Adviser and trainer; she brings a more caring energy into your businesses, specialising in Customer Experience and Rapport building. Guiding individuals and corporates and empowering them to make the necessary changes in order to be successful, implementing a Customer Experience Strategic plan through her Caring Service Culture programme to help lift service standards and increase profitability.

Originally from France, Claire has lived in Jersey, Channel Islands, since 2000, she capitalised on the experience gained in my hospitality career and set up my own business, in 2009, The Busy Queen Bee,

The Queen Bee is at the centre of her community without her the hive wouldn’t exist and what I bring to business is refocusing on what make a business exists, the internal and external customers. But being Customer Centric is just not enough nowadays and leaders must develop a real ‘Caring Service Culture.’ She helps Business leaders/Manager/Owners bring a more caring energy into their businesses, they will bring more care, compassionate, better communication, supporting and engaging with their employees. She also helps them create workplaces where employees feel enthused and customers feel good and want to stay longer. They will be nurturing, valuing and guiding their customers through their journey in a creative and inspiring way at an emotional level, ultimately building a sustainable ‘Caring Service Culture.’

Claire is the Author of two books; Thrive with the Hive published in 2016 and recently launched in 2018 Thriving by Caring, with its Audible version and its French version Prospérer en étant attentionné.

Claire has now launched a Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise opportunity, giving aspiring entrepreneurs the tools and support to become Customer Experience Experts. So together we can inspire businesses globally to be thrive by putting their customers and employees in the middle of everything they do, ultimately helping their communities to buzz by delivering exceptional customer experience.

There are many facets involved in running a thriving business; but the most important one for all of us to grasp is the concept of putting the customers and the employees at the heart of everything we do, and being totally Customer Centric. This is why Claire has developed a range of specific Customer Experience services, creating harmonious environments, engaged employees and loyal customers.

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Paul Tasner

Co-founder and CEO, PulpWorks Inc.; TED Resident

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Jonathan Ortmans

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