Guest Post from Lynda Smyth

Lynda Smith has been involved in trying to understand how longevity and technology are changing our world at 50 and beyond. Below is an account of some of the lessons learnt personally as well as with her clients.

Each of us is unique and if you are now 50 the world also looks different. Technology is changing the way we work, play and live. At 50 you may still have children at home. You may be happily married or on your own. You may soon be retrenched or feel so much stress that you want to resign and do something else. The world of work is no longer as secure a place to be.

We are all living longer and on average will live an extra 30 years more than our grandparents. It is critical if you have not already done so to take stock, know where you are and take full responsibility for what the future may throw at you. I want to share some tips with you to ensure that you live the best out of control life that you can control.

Be clear about who you are and what you are passionate about.

    1.   Take responsibility for your future.
    2.   Look after your vitality assets and manage your health-span to improve your life-span.
    3.   Engage with your financial planner to understand your long-term picture and how long you will need to earn some money.
    4.   Understand that working longer does not mean a full-time job with one employer but maybe a few flexible eggs in your basket.
    5.   Start to simplify your life.
    6.   Walk more and take up Pilates/Yoga to strengthen your core muscles.
    7.   Learn some new skills.
    8.  Join diverse networks.
    9.   Give yourself permission to smell the roses.
    10.   Look after your relationships.
    11.   Build a personal brand.

Life is happening at a fast pace at 50. We juggle many balls in the air. We do not expect these steep transitions and they can knock us off our feet and cause us to stumble. Take the time to work with a coach or someone who understands this new path and can help you navigate your future and hold you accountable. We have been gifted with one life. Live it to the full, one day at a time with your eye on the horizon.

Lynda Smith is a Retirement/Career Transition as well as the founder of
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