2019 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

André Poirier – Inmind Technologies 


André Poirier is founder and CEO of Inmind Technologies. Entrepreneur and successful businessman. Andre has 40 years of experience in the launch and management of information technology and communications companies (ICT).

 In 2008 at the age of 52 started Inmind Technologies. Inmind is on a mission: to lead the democratization of “predictive-prescriptive intelligence” across North America, with proprietary tools.

Our mantra sums it up: Empowering mid-market to take on big business. Deep and critical business, marketing, and operational insights will no longer be the sole privilege of multinationals. Such a “game-changing revolution” is underway, and Inmind is best positioned to champion it.

With a powerful ever-growing suite of IP technologies maximizing the whole Microsoft ecosystem, unmatched experience and understanding of the mid-market reality, a roster of driven visionary leaders. text

Better business outcomes, smarter decision-making, comes from an on-going flow of actionable, manageable insights —that is enterprise-wide, across departments, facilities and assets. Inmind empowers managers to both better anticipate “what is really happening”, and how to set in motion the optimal course of action “what needs to be done”. Systematically.