2018 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Cindy Gordon – SalesChoice Inc.


My career began with teaching English and drama at the age of 21, before I moved to the Information Technology domain.

I started SalesChoice shortly after turning 50. Cindy’s holistic experience helped her to start SalesChoice Inc. when I saw that 30-60% of sales professionals in the middle tier failed to achieve their sales plan, while also 30% of sales professionals suffered from attention deficit disorder. I felt that the use of AI or Machine Learning could help sales professionals to focus on doing the right things.

I spoke to Dr. Yannick Lallement, Chief Data Scientist, SalesChoice, Jim Cloughley, and Michael Weinberger, former CTO of SalesChoice, to explore the “Fit” of artificial intelligence to crack this problem. They thought it could, and wrote a patent on AI methods, which could guide sales professionals to focus on sales opportunities that had the most promising signals to predict a win. After robust research validated in brands like Accenture and Intel, they have now learned their AI proprietary ALGO can predict the future with up to 95% of accuracy to solve prioritization issues, predict forecasts more accurately and alter future outcomes, with actionable insights.

Our software has already helped companies save significantly on cost of sales, and drive employee productivity. The SalesChoice team has also witnessed several moments of accomplishment including the most recent one where SalesChoice was awarded the award of AI Disruptor in Canada 2018 by IT World Canada. The achievements in terms of R&D Innovation, Customer Case Validation in both Canada and the USA are simply due to an incredible team that are passionate about improving B2B sales productivity gaps and helping Canada achieve its AI Supercluster Status.

We are giving back to the community with several initiatives designed to educate and foster a culture of responsible growth around AI. This includes a video series for executive leaders on Managing the Risks of AI with EY, and a global AI Directory platform in collaboration with IT World Canada and CATA (Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance) to bring together all stakeholders in the AI ecosystem and facilitate policy framing for its sustained success in Canada.