2018 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Gordon Margolese – Fhabto


I was a CFO in the real estate industry for as long as I can remember..I’ve worked in Canada, USA, Middle East and Africa, but always in the back of my mind, I wanted to be my own boss.

I started Fhabto (Four Heads are Better Than One) in 2017 at the age of 52. I was nervous to go out on my own and take the leap from employee to founder and still find it daunting at times. The key I have learnt is to build a strong team around me and listen to the people who are more knowledgeable than I am in their respective fields and learn from them.

Fhabto is in the co-living sector offering instantaneous accommodations with no commitments to millennials. We plan to have ten properties in the Toronto area by the end of 2019 and spread out across Canada thereafter. Our goal is to be the Canadian market leader in co-living.

After months of pursuing funding, I now have our first VC fund ready to go into negotiations for funding and others are starting to show interest. It is exciting times and after all the long hours and hard work, I don’t regret my decision to form Fhabto at all. I have met so many talented people and continue to meet them every day in all different fields.

If I’ve learned anything in the process to date, is that you can never stop learning at any age, even if you’re over 50.