2019 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Heather Campbell – Heather Campbell Immigration Consulting Inc.


After spending most of my career with the Federal Government on the east coast, I moved to the Yukon in 2005. Since then I have worked for Yukon First Nations, been Mayor of my town twice, chaired various Territorial Boards, and done Justice-related Consulting. Close to retirement, experiencing a growing population, and knowing that many professional services are limited in the North, in 2017 I felt it was time for a new venture. I went back to University once more and became both a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and a Notary Public, opening my own practice in Faro Yukon in April of 2019, at age 55.

For me it is the perfect balance of past, present and future; It allows me to keep in touch with former coworkers and draw on professional experience while building new relationships with people wishing to write the next chapter of their story in Canada.

The paradox of living in such a small, remote part of our North while helping people all over the world realize their futures in Canada is a truly amazing experience.

To me, the multicultural fabric of our country is as much of a gift as our beautiful northern Lights, and I look forward to continued growth of both my business and the diversity of our Territories.