2019 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Nick Sherstyuk  – GBatteries


Prior to starting GBatteries, I was a Senior Systems Engineer at WiLAN, a leading intellectual property licensing company. I also held various electrical engineering position including Director of Engineering at IMC, a medical compliance technology company. 

 I began working on what would eventually become GBatteries in 2012 when I was 52 years old. The early developments of the technology started in the basement of our home in Ottawa, where my son and I would often tinker with computers and electronics.

 After some significant breakthroughs improving the lifespan of batteries, I knew we were on to something big, so I filed our first patent application and as a team, my son and I decided to pursue entrepreneurship.

After months of trying to juggle university and our tech startup, my son – who was studying chemistry at Carleton University, made the decision to quit school. At the same time, he convinced me to give up his job at a WiLAN, so we could fully dedicate ourselves to the company. Later that same year, we officially incorporated GBatteries (August 2014).

GBatteries is an advanced battery technology company on a mission to charge electric vehicles as fast as it takes to fill a tank of gas. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles; therefore, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence, electrochemistry, signal processing, and high-power electronics, we have the first and only demonstrated technology capable of ultra-fast charging Lithium-ion batteries without compromising battery lifespan or changing the chemistry.