2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Perry Gotell – Tranquility Cove Adventures


I was a professional Bonified Lobster, Rockcrab and Mackerel fisherman for near 30 years and wanted another source of income. I started Tranquility Cove Adventures and started experiential tourism offering to let guests do what we as Islanders did all our lives. With 2 girls in University more family income was need to get by and this was my venue to find a new sources of revenue. The business did so well I left the early mornings of fishing behind in 2012 to concentrate full time on TCA and starting new offers for our guests.

I started Tranquility Cove Adventures at the age of 50 years young for one reason, more income, I had 2 girls going to university and we needed more family income coming into the household, I love working and starting a new business was always something I knew was possible. I was a commercial Lobster and crab fisherman making a good living here on PEI but 2 girls in university takes a lot. It was the best thing I ever did!

With a very slow first 2 years TCA then started growing 15% per year and this is still happening today.

We continue to diversify, adding new product lines to our tourism offering, last year we started the first Starfish and Pearl hunt to be offered in the world and this year a complete rental division for water activities, SUP’s, kayaks, fishing gear, clamming gear and bike rental.