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Steve McNally - Renewity Systems Inc. - WISE

2017 Winner
Wise 50 Over 50 Award™

Steve McNally – Renewity Systems Inc.

Renewity builds software for better after-sales service. Renewity provides the SaaS product, RenewityRMA, which is used by manufacturers to manage and track product returns and product repairs and recalibrations. RenewityRMA helps to automate the product service team and the processes and workflows they use to handle returns and service products. RenewityRMA is configurable by the service team, without programming, to define and implement the processes and custom data for their unique products.

I started Renewity Systems at 54 years old. I started the business because I wanted to help people receive a better customer experience when dealing with manufacturers on product returns and repairs.

We are located in Kanata, Ontario. We have several clients in Ottawa, and in the US, Europe and Australia. We employ 7 people at this time.

We were the first company accepted into the L-Spark accelerator program in Ottawa – for enterprise SaaS. Our revenues have been increasing 25% per year.

We have won a community award from CVE Disability and Vocational Management for hiring and successfully training and deploying an excellent computer programmer who has Apsergers (a form of Autism). He has been on staff since Jan 2017.