Definitive Guide
to Starting a Business
After the Age of 50

Author: Wendy Mayhew

Ready for midlife excellence?

Cut out the crisis and discover the essential resource for creating booming enterprises.

Does your looming retirement leave you wondering what’s next? Has this newest stage of life been a big letdown? Chomping at the bit for something to keep you busy? With over forty years of expertise in the field, Wendy Mayhew has already built her own multi-million-dollar business and written the definitive textbook on entrepreneurship. And now she’s here to share her hard-won secrets of the trade so you can avoid falling into the red while finding new fulfillment.

WISER: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50 is an all-encompassing exploration of the unique challenges and rewards surrounding later-years ventures. Through her seasoned guidance (and twenty-nine inspirational accompanying audio interviews), Mayhew provides all the tools and information needed to join this fastest-growing group of budding entrepreneurs. And by following her easy-to-read manual, you’ll soon be turning your lifetime of wisdom into the most gratifying decision for your future.

In WISER you’ll discover:

  • The ways stepping outside your comfort zone can take you straight into the strongest payoffs
  • How to build confidence for networking, so you always have the best contacts in your back pocket
  • Strategies to get the most out of a coach mentor or advisor and turn their knowledge into income
  • Methods for paving well-polished golden years and ensuring everything survives after you walk away
  • Ownership alternatives, invaluable expert perspectives for every chapter, and much, much more!

WISER: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Business After the Age of 50 is your fundamental handbook for entering the field of the new wave of school-of-life entrepreneurs. If you like friendly but factual inspiration, direct but digestible advice, and walkthroughs for each step of the process, then you’ll love Wendy Mayhew’s well-versed reference.

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is an easy to understand yet comprehensive guide to achieving business success.

Shout Out icon testimonialStarting a business is much harder than people initially assume and you need to give yourself the greatest chance for success. Many people are subject matter experts in their own field but that doesn’t mean they know how to start a business.

This book breaks down all the aspects you need to consider in an easy format. From what problem you are trying to solve and how you going to measure the results of your activities through to your cost structure and how are you going to generate revenue.

Access to the website with interviews from diverse business leaders discussing the different topics covered in the book makes it more engaging.

This book is a must for anyone considering establishing a new business.

Bambi Price, Co-Founder
War On Wasted Talent

Shout Out icon testimonialCongrats Wendy on a brilliant, practical guide for anyone of any age to start a business.

The way in which the book is set out with links to podcasts and places to capture ones’ thoughts while reading is also useful.

I like the ways in which you have added practical tips across all the social media channels, plus other tools in the book to help new business owners. A book in season for anyone wanting to start a business in 2020.

Lynda Smith, CEO of Refirement Network
and 50plus-skills
South Africa


Presents an overview of advice from these subject matter experts, who provide their insights on starting a business. From transitioning from employee to entrepreneur to financing, social media, sales, networking, business plans, and everything in between, this book covers the necessities (and more) that are needed to get you started!

With your book purchase you will be given access to my behind-the-scenes full audio interviews with each expert! Listen to them dive deep into their area of focus!

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