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It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday

and there couldn’t be a better time to
recognize and celebrate

Canadian Entrepreneurs over the age of 50! 


The newest and fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship is led by people over the age of 50. It’s time to recognize their accomplishments and let all of Canada know what they are doing and what they have to offer.

Are you a founder of a small business, or have you purchased an existing business or franchise? Are you one of the founders of an intergenerational or family business?

Perhaps you’ve got a great new idea or have found a solution to an existing problem—a business that is changing the world!

Whether you’ve retired and made what you know into a business or started that business you’ve always dreamed of apply to the inaugural 50 over 50 Awards and be recognized!

A panel of judges from Canada and beyond will make the final decision on the 50 companies that will receive one of the 50 awards.

Eligibility Criteria: The awards are open to all Canadian resident entrepreneurs who have started a business after they turned 50 years old. Entrepreneurs must be majority owners of the business and the head office of the business must be located in Canada.

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